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About Me

About Me

Cashias Gumbo,

Cashias Gumbo, a passionate sommelier with a deep love for wine, embarked on a remarkable journey when he, along with his young family, migrated to New Zealand from Zimbabwe. Arriving in NZ, Cashias adapted to the new country and culture, and saw the opportunity to turn his dreams of winemaking into reality. Driven by a profound appreciation for the rich terroir of New Zealand and inspired by the welcoming community, Cashias decided to embrace the intricacies of the local wine industry. With determination and a thirst for knowledge, Cashias immersed himself in the world of viticulture and winemaking, leveraging the expertise of local vintners and educators. Cashias Gumbo founded Gumbo Family Wines, a boutique wine producer that would soon make its mark in New Zealand and globally . From humble beginnings as an immigrant, Cashias transformed his passion into a thriving family business, showcasing the fusion of Zimbabwean heritage and New Zealand's fertile land. Gumbo Family Wines, under Cashias' guidance, carefully curated a range of wines that not only reflected the unique characteristics of the Waipara region but also paid homage to his roots. Gumbo Family Wines, born from humble beginnings, now stands as a testament to the family's dedication to crafting exceptional wines that tell a story of migration, perseverance, and the celebration of diverse cultures.

Gumbo & Good Family Wines

A showcase of New
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Gumbo Family Wines reflects Cashias' sommelier expertise and the family's dedication to producing wines that not only capture the essence of New Zealand's terroir but also pay homage to their Zimbabwean heritage. Each bottle is a testament to the fusion of two cultures, celebrating diversity and the universal language of wine.