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Gumbo Family Wines


Pinot Noir:

Flavors: Waipara Pinot Noir often exhibits red fruit flavors such as cherry and raspberry, along with subtle earthy notes.
Aromas: Aromas can include a mix of red berries, floral notes, and sometimes a hint of spice.
Structure: The wines typically have a balanced acidity, fine tannins, and a medium-bodied structure.

Flavors: Waipara Rieslings are known for their vibrant acidity, with flavors ranging from citrus (lime, lemon) to stone fruit (apricot, peach).
Aromas: Aromas often include floral notes, with hints of petrol developing as the wine ages.
Sweetness Levels: Rieslings from Waipara can vary in sweetness levels, from bone-dry to off-dry and sweet.

Flavors: Chardonnays from Waipara may display a range of flavors, including citrus, melon, and stone fruit. Barrel aging can impart notes of vanilla and subtle oak.
Aromas: Aromas often include tropical fruit, citrus blossom, and a touch of toasty oak.
Texture: Waipara Chardonnays can have a good balance of acidity and texture, providing a creamy mouthfeel.
Pinot Gris:

Flavors: Pinot Gris wines from Waipara may feature flavors of ripe pear, apple, and sometimes tropical fruit.
Aromas: Aromas can include floral notes, spice, and hints of stone fruit.
Texture: These wines often have a lush and slightly oily texture, balanced by refreshing acidity.
Sauvignon Blanc:

Flavors: Waipara Sauvignon Blancs may showcase citrus flavors, such as grapefruit and lime, along with tropical fruit notes.
Aromas: Aromas often include herbal and grassy notes, as well as hints of passion fruit and gooseberry.
Acidity: The wines typically have a zesty acidity that contributes to their refreshing character.
It’s important to note that individual wineries and vineyards within Waipara may produce wines with unique expressions based on their specific terroir and winemaking techniques. The region’s diverse microclimates and soil variations contribute to the complexity and diversity of flavors found in Waipara wines, making the region an exciting and dynamic part of New Zealand’s wine landscape.